Bar Stools – An Excellent Choice

Are you looking for bar chairs that are cheap yet durable? Unfinished bar stools are the answer. You may want to consider looking at unfinished stools in wood because they have the distinct advantage of appreciating in value over time. Read this article to gain insight into this product.

What is an unfinished bar stool? A stool made from woods like oak or ash that has no finish like paint or stain applied to it is the answer. Unfinished stools have several advantages like each piece is individually unique; the natural beauty of the grain; you can exercise your artistic talents to decorate the stool as you please.

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Should you wish to paint or stain the unfinished bar stools, you can do so the moment you take them home, because they are ready. It is advisable to clean them well first and then get started. If you prefer to leave them in their natural state, make sure you clean them regularly to show off the natural grain – use a good wood cleaner for this purpose. Unfinished bar furniture is very much in demand because of the individuality of the wood grain.

Some reasons for buying unfinished furniture would be:

  • They are cheaper than the finished restaurant stools
  • To see the wood in its natural state adds an eclectic mix to your décor
  • You can customize the unfinished stools by finishing them the way you want and end up with a fine mix of styles and colors
  • Unfinished bar stools are made from different woods and this lends the aspect of uniqueness to the stools

If you have existing bar furniture the unfinished bar stools can be stained to match them. All you need to do is try a few blends to see which the closest match is. Don't forget to experiment on the bottom of the stool!

You can make the finishing process as easy or as complicated as you wish, from a simple stain to the more elaborate finish.

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