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How To Choose A Fountain Pump

When choosing a new fountain pump or replacing the older one, there are a few important terms to keep in mind. You can also buy submersible fountain pump online via

Head: – It is the highest vertical lift of the pump. For instance, a 6 ‘head means it will pump water up to 6 feet high.

GPH and GPM: – GPH or gallons per hour and GPM or gallons per minute both are usually rated at different heights.

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Pump Curve: – Total volume of water volume “curved” according to different heights. When buying a pump for the first time or when looking for a replacement pump, you must know how many gallons per hour you want to pump and how much height (head) you want.

Water Volume: – Total volume you will pump is controlled by several factors. One factor is the size of the pump. But you also have to think through that how wide your tubing will be.

How much water do I need? What is the size of the pump?

This can be answered in parts by whether you want to “trickle” or a roar. When buying a fountain, you will typically find the suggested flow.

For the waterfall, use this as a rule of thumb: for every inch of the width of the river or waterfall “sheet,” you will need to provide 100 gallons per hour at a height you’re pumping.

For a nice waterfall, 4000 gallons per hour pump is recommended. This creates a sufficient volume to wide, hit the spill. Adjust the stone to soften splash if desired.

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