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Fun in a Childrens Space

When it comes to designing a children’s space, the most difficult thing is deciding what will go where and how you can make it all work together. For starters, it's important to decide whether the room will have a play corner. This is the ideal place for a bookcase and is also perfect for drawing or coloring. If your children's space opens up to a wall, you can set up a craft area with toy boxes and old blocks. It's also possible to add art supplies, a small table for games, and even a mini-fridge and ice maker.

Another essential piece of furniture for any kids bedroom space is a dresser. Many children's dressers open up to reveal a bookshelf underneath. This is a great way to save space, and it adds useful storage to a room. If the dresser doesn't have a shelf, you might be able to squeeze in a side table or TV stand instead. Just remember that you need at least one inch of clearance on either side for doors and windows. Also, depending on the height of your kids, you may want to opt for a mirrored dresser as mirrors reflect light just as well as a wooden one.

Some children's play rooms also have a play phone. This is perfect if you have more than one child, as they can call each other during playtime. In fact, a lot of parents to keep their kids on the phone during playtime so that they don't get too bored. A pay phone is also useful for keeping track of important calls from parents or other family members.

There are also some fun ways to use your child's play space. One great idea is to make a game out of using objects from around the house. For instance, you could create a game of Telephone in which each child calls a different object from an assortment of cans placed around the play space. You could even allow them to place objects into cans that you have sitting in the kitchen. By separating their assignments by type and function (for example, can have a can of eggs when they call a can of grapes), they will work up enough excitement to keep playing. To make it easier, have a specific rule that any child over the age of 10 must verbally agree to (and enforce).

Another fun activity that can be done in a children's space is a treasure hunt. Let your child and their guests find hidden items in a variety of locations. This will help teach them about organizing things and adding a little thrill to their quest. Have each child do the task individually until they have found all the items they are looking for. Make sure that there is always a treat (like candies) waiting for them when they complete their hunt.

There are many activities that kids can do in a play space that they can also do in their own homes. The trick is to get them to want to do it. There are certain toys or games that, once they are played with repeatedly, become an addiction. The key is to set limits for your child's play time and stick to them. If they are allowed to have a bit of freedom while playing, then you are encouraging the development of skills like self-control, which is important for kids.