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Biometric Time Clocks Device – Opt the Right Technology

There are 2 main types of biometric technology that have been mainstream, one is fingerprint biometrics and the second one is biometric hand reader, that is known as the HandPunch.

Recently we have seen other biometric technologies share the main light and this is an iris recognition and face recognition, but the cost and compatibility have been kept from approaching the forefront. You may buy the best high-tech biometric time clock via https://www.timeandattendance.com.au/pages/fingerprint-time-clocks.

Biometric Time Clocks

Each biometric technology has its own positive and negative characteristics, especially with fingerprint biometrics and biometric HandPunch. The biometric fingerprint is the most common of all the technologies found on anything from a PC laptop, lock the door, and yes, even hours.

Once the decision has been made to implement a biometric time clock for the management of your workforce, you will want to consider the environment that your employees are located. For example, if your employees work in dirty or harsh environments such as the kitchen cooks, auto mechanics, and landscapers, you may want to consider the above HandPunch biometric fingerprint biometrics.

In an office environment, fingerprints remain intact and not be penalized by the harsh working environment, but remember each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages!

measuring biometric fingerprint ridge formation minutes and patterns on the fingertips. You will not find two people who have the same fingerprint pattern exactly. Also, the pattern remained unchanged throughout their lives. These patterns are then converted into numbers through an algorithm used so no image visible fingerprints were taken.