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The Evolution of The Flagpole

The dictionary defines the flagpole as a staff or the flagpole where the flag is displayed. It can be a simple support made of wood or metal. Before the industrial revolution, the flagpole was only made from trees, selected for their straightness. 

They were cut down, stripped of bark and branches of them and planted into the ground with a flag attached to the top. The only real issue with these wooden flag poles is that they usually rot at the base because they are incorporated into the soil. Today, you can see a variety of flagpoles via https://www.aluart.de

Near the turn of the 20th century changes in the industry came to the flagpole. Steel flagpoles became very popular. They are usually made from recycled materials that have been used for other purposes. 

Steel tubes and masts of a ship that is used as a flagpole. The section steel pole used for trolley wire used for makeup flagpole. In the late 1920s, manufacturers began making flagpole long, tapered poles.

The flagpole of the most popular and durable aluminum. The material is extremely strong yet lightweight, making it easier to handle the most important and corrosion resistant. Corrosion resistant aluminum flagpole as the substance produces the oxide layer. It can also be upgraded by applying a special coating to the flagpole as anodizing and painting.