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Composite Timber Cladding In Newcastle: The Smarter Choice

Architects have used timber as a practical and stylish cladding material for many years. Cladding provides great looks and also protection from the elements. While natural timber is great for high wind areas, thanks to its flexibility, it can corrode significantly without regular maintenance, often at a high cost.

Wooden wall cladding is available in various standard and custom profiles to suit your needs. Profiles are available in hollow or solid sections according to specifications. Cladding Boards can be fitted both horizontally and vertically.

Composite Timber Cladding is ideal for offices, public buildings, theme parks, hotels, commercial properties, and residential homes. Custom profiles incorporating alternative fixing systems are available and made according to requirements. Composite Cladding is available in many colors and generally, any color is possible for bulk orders.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Cladding is made from recycled polyethylene polymers and cultivated hardwoods. The result is a composite timber with a natural look that can withstand heat, cold, and general weathering far better than natural timber.

Composite timbers are UV stable, environment-friendly, color adaptive, and have 50+ year lifespan. It does not need oiling or staining like natural timber, making it the best choice for new or replacement cladding projects. It's a money-saver and as well as a time-saver.

Some Composite Claddings are specially designed to allow additional insulation to be inserted behind or within it quickly and easily, improving the energy efficiency of the home or building. With the rising costs of energy, as well as a societal shift towards environmentally sustainable building practices, this is a valuable feature.

Designing Your Timber Frame Great Room

Large rooms are often the focus of houses with wooden frames. Many imagine that their home is open and spacious, including a large room that leads to the kitchen and dining room. Large rooms serve a variety of purposes; Fun and relaxation are the two most common. 

There are many things to consider when designing timber frame wall construction in a large space. First, you can think of different system framing options and what type of framing system you want to use. Demanding or simple, wooden frames provide warmth and space, especially in areas where you have fun. 

A nice wooden-framed room is always fun to decorate because wood can emphasize variations in taste and style in decoration. Beautiful chandeliers are often used in homes with wooden frames, and homeowners also use accented lamps, usually modern light rails, which are placed on the wood to add an accent or additional lighting to the room. 

It all depends on the type of lighting you are looking for, but the choice of your lighting fixtures can make your home more attractive.

Another consideration when designing your large space is to place a window to take advantage of views, passive solar heating, and natural light. Many homeowners of wooden frames choose to install window wells. This can add dramatic detail to the design, but can also increase costs because windows are a big part of the budget for a new home.