The Basic Of Compressed Air

Compressed air is widely known as the 3rd utility, the first two are electricity and water supply, respectively. Wherever you are, you will "see" their presence, in a car workshop the mechanic changing tires with an impact wrench by removing the nuts. 

When you see a fire extinguisher, what is filled inside is compressed gas(carbon dioxide to be exact) served as a propellant. If you want to explore regarding the air compressors, then visit

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Why the term 3rd utility? Simply because almost all industry is it at automobile, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, or even dentists to run the drill, they need compressed air.Without compressed air, manufacturers or your mechanic will be changing tires with brute force and cannot work efficiently.

Most manufacturing machinery requires at least some sort of energy to power them.For general application and non heavy duty jobs, compressed air is the best choice due to cleanliness if compared to a hydraulic system.

Compressed air is generated by air compressors, many types of compressors are available in the market these days such as piston type, screw element type, scroll type, vane type, and high volume centrifugal/turbo type just to name a few.However, we will elaborate on the compressor type in the future topic.

An air compressor gets its "source" from ambient air traveling through the inlet air duct and into a compression chamber. Inside the compression chamber, overpressure will be created by reducing the air volume rapidly.


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